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ELP driver training Perth and ELP motorcycle training specialise in providing professional driving & motorcycle lessons, with a high focus on defensive driving techniques.We use a modern range of cars and motorcycles to make the training relevant.

Driver Training Perth

Getting professional driving lessons is important, not only for learning the skills required to pass a test, but also to learn good driving habits from the start. Most experienced drivers will have bad habits, And may not even know about them. They may also be complacent with their defensive driving, manual driving, forgetting about some of the most basic rules and regulations. These habits will be passed down to you. How about vehicle technology, and safety features? The majority of drivers do not know, or understand about the safety features, nor how they work or how to use them. Just ask yourself, Could the person teaching you to drive pass their test today & How long ago did they learn?
Your driving instructor should be able to give you good, and current information.

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Motorcycle Training in Perth

There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, however, how you ride a motorcycle is the important part. Yes, not every car & truck driver will be looking for you, But are you positioning your self so they can see you?
Being able to ride a motorcycle is only the start, Being able to read the roads, And thinking ahead is what will save you. During your motorcycle lessons, a defensive riding technique is taught, This will get you thinking far beyond anything you may have even thought of before. The dynamics of the bike explained so that your confidence grows along with your ability.
A modern range of bikes to use, along with all equipment supplied.

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Licensed driving instructor for car driving lessons and motorcycle lessons.

Elp Driver Training Perth & Elp Motorcycle Training is a licensed & registered driving school operating in Perth
( SOR )

Elp offers the highest & most current training with modern vehicles while still aiming for cost effective, cheap
Driving lessons.